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Case Study - Level One: IT Quick Assessment

Case Study - Level Two: Full IT Discovery

Case Study - Level Three: Interim CIO Services

Fitness for the future:

A major supplier of lumber and millwork asked Teconic to perform an assessment of their current IT infrastructure.  Their strategic plan included a major upgrade to their web presence and they wanted to know if their current infrastructure could support the planned upgrades.  The Quick Assessment revealed multiple areas of both risk and opportunity:

  • An excellent fiber network capable of supporting a robust Intranet
  • A relatively current level of technology, but
  • An IT organization stretched too thin to effectively manage incremental projects
  • Multiple security vulnerabilities
  • No business continuity plans
  • Multiple redundant data bases.

Teconic recommended performing an immediate detailed security analysis on the network to decrease the risk of a coordinated intrusion and to create a disaster recovery plan.  We recommended outsourcing the web development and integration project and developed a middleware strategy to integrate customer and accounting data.


IT that's "just right"

Teconic was called in to help a national home maintenance and construction company "rightsize" its IT function.  The recent economic downturn compelled the company to scale back its national presence and centralize back office and IT functions. Teconic performed a Quick Assessment to establish a baseline and identify all IT and telecommunications contracts and expenditures. 

Teconic developed and executed a plan to scale back IT expenditures by "insourcing" the IT functions.  Teconic established an internal IT organization, terminated and transitioned the IT contractor, and brought all IT and telecommunications functions under a small "in-house" IT group.

Teconic's five month effort resulted in the following cost savings:

  • $96,000 per month in O&M costs
  • $35,000 one time credits from terminated telecom contracts
  • $15,000 per month in long distance charges.

Despite significant budget cuts, the new IT organization is robust and well positioned to quickly scale back up when market conditions stabilize.


Plan, Execute, Transition

Confronted with multiple IT issues (Y2K system remediation, legacy system conversion, low customer satisfaction with IT services), the management of a mid-size electric utility retained Teconic's principal to lead the IT organization through a major organizational and functional transformation. 

After performing a baseline assessment of the IT organization, the existing infrastructure and legacy systems, we met with key business leaders to gauge the corporate perception of IT services.  Armed with this information, we developed and executed the following plan:

  • Reorganized the IT department around customer satisfaction measures
  • Implemented an IT program management office to manage all activities as discrete projects
  • Developed a legacy system migration project
  • Created a 5 year strategic plan closely aligning IT expenditures with business plans

Once policy, procedures, and strategy were fully implemented, we created and successfully executed a plan to transition the CIO responsibilities to junior IT staff. 


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