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Rutland Business Journal Feature Article (March / April 2003)

Teconic, Information Technology Consulting Firm, Moves Headquarters to Merchants Row

By Peg Armitage

Teconic, Inc., recently moved from Rutland Town into new quarters in the Gryphon Building at 56 ½ Merchants Row in Rutland, making the Information Technology (IT) consulting firm more readily accessible. The move also signals principal Carl Zeller’s readiness to accept new clients in northern New England.

Zeller has accumulated over 20 years of experience in sophisticated business systems as an IT manager and chief information officer for large private corporations and government agencies.

Zeller’s group has provided IT advice and support to small- and mid-sized Rutland area business owners since 2001. He felt that they were underserved by the technical community and had neither the time nor expertise to make full use of their information equipment’s capabilities.

Before Zeller and his wife, Donna, launched Teconic, he spent nine years as chief information officer (CIO) at Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, having chosen Vermont as home after many years in the Washington, DC area.

Zeller wryly notes that once a corporate CIO gets an IT system in top running order with a competent support staff, he could find himself looking for make-work projects. During one of those moments he determined to become a consultant for smaller business owners with insufficient budgets to hire a fulltime Information Technology staff.

“Teconic provides solutions to clients seeking the greatest possible return on their IT investments by offering unbiased recommendations and expert solutions,” says Zeller, adding that an IT system’s capacity may be underutilized.

During Teconic’s level-one “IT Quick Assessment”, Zeller develops “a thorough overview of current capabilities as well as recommendations for future actions. We act as the interpreter who speaks both business and technology in language that these decision-makers can easily understand. Teconic takes the mystery out of IT,” he states.

“IT Discovery” helps business owners develop and IT strategy, and Teconic’s third-level, fixed-term interim “CIO Services” are available to help implement the strategy. The three services are separate, closed-end processes. Teconic’s assessments include detailed reports of “what’s good, what’s bad, what’s needed, and what’s not,” says Zeller. Citing one project that saved a client $100,000 without buying new equipment, he noted that some business people unknowingly buy equipment beyond their needs.

Teconic’s brochure and logo were designed by Small Planet Graphics of Rutland. First-time clients receive a free consultation. Teconic can be reached by phone at (802) 774-6500; by email at; or on the Web at




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