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Teconic’s Unique Service   Proposition:

Still not convinced that Teconic is uniquely qualified help you tap the business value trapped within your current systems?  Here are a few features that Teconic's clients have found extremely valuable:

  • Feature:   Plain speaking about IT in everyday business terms — we hate “tech-speak” too.  Every technical profession creates its own vocabulary to economize communications between its practitioners.  However, an unintended (or perhaps not) consequence of jargon is the exclusion of everyone outside of the “guild” – including the guild’s sponsors!  Don’t feel comfortable challenging the decisions that your IT folks make?  Geek-speak translated here! 


    • Result:  Decision-makers gain a true understanding of the systems and technology in use and receive an unbiased assessment of their IT organizations’ capabilities and potential.  Our assessment will tell you, in English, what’s good, what’s bad, what’s needed, and what’s not.


  • Feature:   Cost recovery of your sub-optimal voice and data networks.  Virtually every organization is paying for network capacity that it is not utilizing, due to moves, changes, poor network planning, or a general inability to decipher a 500 page phone bill.  If your organization has grown, downsized, or hasn’t taken a critical look at its network in the past 24 months, you need to call us TODAY!


    • Result:  The recent upheaval in the telecommunications sector presents an organization with both significant risks and opportunities for substantial savings.  We have the skills to avoid the former and deliver the latter. 



  • Feature:   We can “right the ship”.  Geek-speak aside, IT truly is a complex undertaking and just keeping everything running is a noble fight.  Most IT organizations are so stretched providing support that strategic planning and project implementation get deferred until “we catch up”.   We develop a business-focused IT strategy, and implement a program management office to insure that projects are planned and managed to completion, allowing your IT staff to be better able to maintain your IT investments at an optimal level.


    • Result:  Your IT organization is a valuable asset, but often they need help with the big picture.  By having a strategy and a set of rules to get there, your staff can achieve amazing results by focusing on the right things, not just doing things right.


  •   Feature:   You deserve great IT support at a fair price.  Small to medium-sized businesses have to manage the same technical challenges with the same hardware and software as does a Fortune 500 company – without the large IT budget.  These companies tend to be overly reliant on their IT staffs and vendors for guidance – and ultimately end up paying too much for too little.  Our “shared risk” approach allows you to know exactly what results to expect at an agreed-upon cost. 


    • Result:  This “closed-end” engagement allows IT stakeholders to achieve measurable results at a known cost.  After an initial two week assessment, we present our preliminary findings and recommendations.  At that point, we jointly decide how to proceed.  All engagements are fixed price, adding to your peace of mind.



  • Feature:  The knowledge you need, when you need it.  Currently, many CFOs at small businesses are taking on the CIO responsibilities and frankly, they are frustrated by the demands of technology management: How do I know that a vendor is telling me the truth about how well their product works?  How do I maintain a complex system once it is installed?  I'm gathering reams of data about my customers' purchasing habits, but how do I analyze it on an ongoing basis? 


    • Result:  As technology and business become completely intertwined, the need for deep knowledge of technology becomes more pressing.  We think it is inappropriate to simply recommend that all operations hire CIOs to handle their technology issues.  You need the services of a CIO now, but not on an ongoing basis.  Teconic’s concept of an “interim CIO” provides the senior IT leadership necessary to ensure IT functionality and accountability, transitioning out of the organization once the corporate IT goals have been met.



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