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Why Teconic?

Here are a few questions to help you perform an instant assessment of your IT:

  • How confident are you in the performance of your IT shop?
  • Can your IT get you where you need to go?
  • Is the IT organization operating effectively and efficiently?
  • Are the IT strategy and project priorities consistent with your business strategy?
  • Are any IT projects showing signs of being out of control; taking too long, costing too much?
  • Is the IT budget predictable, affordable and under control?
  • Are your business continuity (disaster recovery) plans current, complete and tested regularly?
  • Is IT working on the right things? 
  • Do you have appropriate IT leadership and technical skills? 
  • How are major IT projects planned, budgeted and managed? 
  • Can your IT infrastructure withstand a coordinated attack by hackers or industrial espionage agents?
  • Are sufficient methods in place to monitor and control IT performance and resources? 
  • Do appropriate business relationships and visibility exist between IT and the users?
  • Are current technologies, standards, IT business processes and practices in place and being utilized?

If you arenít satisfied with more than four of your answers, give us a call.  Teconic has helped organizations just like yours achieve the IT productivity gains they expected but never received.

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